Hodgie Street
Welcome to the next generation of Hip Hop!! HODGIE STREET.

“By the time I was in 9th grade, me and my niggas was recording in the studio…just some analog shit”. Although Hodgie began flowing in the mid ninety’s, due to a major influence from older cousins and friends playing biggie and tupac CD’s non stop, he took a different view on it coming out of his first year in high school. “We started thinking, we can do this for real….. and get paid”. At the time influenced by the soul and funk music his mother played at home, to the rap/hip-hop music he heard at parties and with friends, Hodgie began to write lyrics and professionally record.

Needless to say, over the years he got better and better, and eventually put out mixtapes to sell around school and the city to make extra money, along side what he could make hustling. They caught on. By the time he was in his 17th year in this world, he had put his city on smash, and was gearing up to move onto bigger things. But the streets don’t stop calling. In 2003, Hodgie was arrested with a small firearm on the outskirts of Columbus, OH. Luckily, he was 17, and didn’t actually get caught doing what he was doing. After everything blew over, he coined 1700ENT.

With the chance to move on to a larger network, Hodgie packed up and moved to Columbus, OH to pursue his musical career. He began studying music business in school, where he eventually met DJ B-Nunn. The aspiring DJ took a liking to Streets music, and began playing it at parties and on mixtapes. With a buzz growing, people began calling.

Since then, he has worked with major artists such as Ginuwine, Freeway, and Ray Cash, and linked with industry producers, B-Banga (producer of Cam'rons Suck It Or Not, and tracks for Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne and Juelz santana), The Kick Drums (producer of MOB and 50 Cents When Death Becomes You, and 5 Tracks off Ray Cash debut album, Cash On Delivery). With offers from Ginuwines new indie label, Bag Entertainment and heightened interest from different major labels, Hodgie is sure to blow and change the rap

Building a great buzz in the unsigned realms of the hip-hop world and the entertainment community in general, Hodgie Street continues to raise the bar for what hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide will look to expect from the Midwest. He delivers a crisp, clean Midwest flow that is unique and a treat for listeners. He is a rappers rapper, as he displays slick and witty metaphors and punch lines. Hodgies ability to create million dollar hooks, guarantees that this is a movement and not just a new face in the already mundane world of Hip hop.

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