Willie Collins better known by his stage name (AQU@RIU$ THE PRINCE OF JOOK) the rapper/singer/dancer is also known as Florida's heart throb. Signed to R&B LEGEND'S GINUWINE'S LABEL BAG ENTERTAINMENT & MANAGER CORE DJ DR.DOOM, Aquarius is set to release his first mixtape under the label  entitled 100% PERCENT AQU@RIU$ inspired by his CEO successful album entitled 100% GINUWINE that was released in (1999). 

AQU@RIU$ was born in the month of february the month of love i guess that's why he's nick named florida's heart throb. AQUARIUS first fell in love with music growing up listening to his mother ALFRIEDA old school records listening to the Temptations, Ottis Redding, Clarence Carter, and MICHAEL JACKSON. Aquarius later on seen this artist on t.v. by the name of GINUWINE who had the skills and the dance moves that caught aquarius attn.Aquarius begin to study all his moves to used towards his on shows. Aquarius got his first taste of the studio life when he attended FRANK H. PETERSON MAGNET SCHOOL where he took up t.v. production 4 years learning all about recording and perfecting his craft. After graduating highschool aquarius didn't attend college he took his career on the road with RAP GROUP JVILLE BALERS with his mind set on getting discovered hitting different cities threw out Florida with his older cousin disc jockey (RHO D. RHO) who worked at the radio station 92.7 at that time. After months of promo the group split up and everybody went solo and that's when aquarius began to make the music he wanted to make in life.

AQUARIUS started making the music that he love something for the ladies to move to with his smooth singing voice dance moves rapping skills & sex symbol look the girls started going crazy over him at his shows screaming & chasing him to his car after shows and all.Later on in his career he was picked up by family friend radio disc jockey (CORE DJ DR.DOOM) who started to manage him.One day Aquarius heard his music role model GINUWINE was coming to perform in his city he had his mind set on opening up for him or at least meeting him so he got dressed and made phone calls to see how he could get on the show.Later on that night 15 mins. before show time he gets the call he's opening up for GINUWINE.AQUARIUS is excited he gets on stage and does what he does best please the ladies.The next day aquarius hits up GINUWINE and tells him it was an honor to perform aside sumone he looked up to growing up.Over the year aquarius & GINUWINE stay in touch emailing back in forth and GINUWINE ask to hear sum of aquarius music.Aquarius sends a email of his video's and songs and GINUWINE Was impressed by his music & videos he seen the girls screaming ova him and responded lets work lets do it and said he was gonna call him the next day.All day Aquarius waited by his phone for the phone call thats when his phone ring on the caller id it showed up MARYLAND aquarius answers hello GINUWINE says do you know who dis is aquarius responds yes GINUWINE says its me GINUWINE aquarius was excited they talked for a while & then later on aquarius signed his contract with sumone he grew up studying his moves.ALL the hard work aquarius has put in finally paid off his dream finally came true he is signed with his music role model and now he's ready for the world.

AQU@RIU$ has opened up for alot of major artist GINUWINE, JACOB LATIMORE,RICH BOY,J.DASH,LLYOD PLEASURE,YOUNG CASH and many more. Also aquarius has had over more den 19 different songs played on 93.3 THE BEAT he's also been played in 5 other cites on the radio & counting.Aquarius is currently on the road as we speak for his promo tour pushing his two single's JOOK IT 4 ME which is a dance song & his grown up song for the ladies HOP ON IT which are both produced by his in house producer MACTRAKZ. His new mixtape 100% aquarius is comin soon so get ready have with the intro/outro by his CEO GINUWINE also his MANAGER DJ DR.DOOM CHECKS IN & ALSO DJ KHALED CHECKS IN TO CO-SIGNED along with his dreamteam in house production MACTRAKZ*PURPLESUB*JAYBEATZ DIS WILL BE A CLASSIC.
aquarius official tour djs: dj's space age dj shine dj o so smooth


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